Friday, January 3, 2014

For Sale By Owner's Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2013

As we make our resolutions and plans for the new year, is looking back on the blog posts our readers responded to most over the past 12 months. One of the things we're most excited about for 2014 is the re-launch of our Education section that will put everything you need for selling or buying a home at your fingertips. In the meantime, we appreciate hearing from you about your experiences, and we look forward to continuing the conversation into the new year and beyond.

1. 4 Simple Tips to Help Sell a Home by Summer's End

We provided some simple steps to selling a home by owner during the summertime, prompting a sunny reaction from our readers. As we approach the 2014 home selling season, we reveal five new insights that will help you close the deal. 

2. 5 Most Popular Homes For Sale By Owner in June

Our monthly roundup of our most popular home listings hit a high point in June. The array of homes featured from across the country spoke to you, with our readers commenting on the "awesome homes" and "inexpensive prices."

3. The Best Day to List Your Home for Sale by Owner

It's a common question among home sellers, and we have an answer in this well-read blog post. We also offered some easy marketing tips to facilitate a swift sale any day of the year.

4. 2 Ways to Get Your Dream House and Keep Home Insurance Costs Down

We spelled out two scenarios where buying your ideal home could come with sky-high home insurance rates, along with practical work-arounds for both.

5. How to Use Social Media to Sell Your Home: 5 Facebook Marketing Tips

There's no denying the power of social media in by-owner home sales. From posting a video to considering a Facebook ad, you gave these savvy social media tips a hearty thumbs up. 

We want to know: What are your home selling or buying plans for the new year? And, what would you like to read more about on in 2014?

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