Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Use Social Media to Sell Your Home: 4 Twitter Marketing Tips

Like Facebook, Twitter is free and super-easy to use, so it's the perfect site to use to give your listing more page views. In December 2012, the social networking site surpassed 200 million active monthly users, and it's ranked in the top 10 most-visited websites in the world; so, if you're on Twitter, your listing should be, too. Here are four basic tips to help you get the most out of your Twitter experience.

1. Make your listing re-tweetable. Click the "Tweet" icon on your listing to share it with your Twitter followers. Feel free to edit the text that's automatically generated so that the tweet sounds more natural, and make sure to tag any friends who may be looking to buy (or who may know people looking to buy). You're only allowed 140 characters per tweet, though we recommend that you keep it even shorter so that people can retweet your message without having to cut any text.

2. Tweet photos. A 2012 Buddy Media study found that tweets with images get twice as much engagement as tweets without. While this cuts down your character count, it's nice to be able to provide people with a visual. Make sure to include the link to your listing. Since you might be low on available space within your tweet, use abbreviations to cut down on your character count. has a great article on commonly used real estate abbreviations, so check it out if you need some help making your tweets shorter.

3. Use hashtags. Hashtags are searchable terms with a pound sign (#) placed before them to help Twitter categorize and make them more easily searchable. Hashtags like #FSBO, #forsalebyowner, #realestate and #homeforsale are common for by-owner sellers, so include one or more of them in your tweets to help buyers find your listing.

4. Talk about the process every day. Just think about how many minutes a day you spend on social media—why not spend a few of those minutes talking about your home? Twitter, especially, is a fast-paced story-telling medium, and people there snack on bite-sized pieces of news and glimpses into the lives of others. Unlike Facebook, where your newsfeed might show you a status update or photo that a friend posted several days ago, your Twitter post from yesterday (or even this morning) probably isn't still going to appear in your friends' newsfeeds when they log in. So, it's important to post about your listing every day, whether you're updating people about an open house or talking about new paint colors you're considering for the kitchen, to keep it fresh in your friends' minds (and fresh in front of their eyes).

Have any Twitter marketing tips to share with us? We'd love to hear them @ForSaleByOwner!


Maricar Gomez said...
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Erica Ross said...

Thank you so much for these tips! I've been trying to sell apartments mobile al through social media and may I say, it really helped my sales.