Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4 Selling Strategies for the New Year

You don't have to wait for April showers and May flowers to list your home. Take advantage of the off-season in real estate, when a well-priced, well-marketed home is sure to stand out to motivated buyers. Here are four smart winter projects that can speed up the home-selling process and have you on your way to "sold!" before spring.

1. Think like a buyer. House hunters with resolutions to buy before spring are looking for homes now. To boost your listing's appeal, look at your home as a buyer would. Remember, this is a business transaction. Prepare yourself mentally to remain objective and professional, and stay focused on your goal!

2. Re-evaluate your price. Nothing holds up a home sale more than an inflated price tag. It's a good idea to reassess your asking price every 3–4 months. Read up on the local real estate market, and check out nearby homes that are for sale to see how your home compares. Still not sure? It may be time to hire a professional appraiser.

3. Get pre-inspected. With the economy still recovering, home buyers aren't walking around with a lot of cash for home repairs. Many sellers hire a home inspector during the closing process, but making repairs now could speed up negotiations and get you to closing faster.

4. Stay flexible. Be prepared to entertain all bids—even those you consider too low—and toss in some perks to get the deal done. Being open to negotiate on final price and closing costs will work to your advantage, especially if you're on a tight deadline.

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I totally agree with this. Sounds very effective. What an awesome post!

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Lawrence Banks said...

These definitely worked for us. My wife got a real estate broker, and she sold our house in a month's time! Something that we weren't able to accomplish in 6 months that it has been on the market. So far, everything's going smoothly and they're just finalizing the deal.

-Lawrence Banks

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James McAllister said...

Great post - succinct but with excellent advice. "Think like a buyer" is particularly relevant. In my experience with real estate in Wellesley MA and Weston MA, a lot of sellers get attached to their initial price and over-evaluate their homes. Getting a professional realtor to help with price evaluation is important if you want to sell your home. Again, thanks for the post!

-James from Teri Adler Realty