Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 Great Gifts for New Homeowners

Help deck the halls of your friend’s new home with one of these fantastic holiday gifts from $10 - $65.

1. Keeper of the Keys
Any new home buyer will appreciate a place to hang his or her new house keys to keep them from going missing. We like this bronze one from Bed Bath & Beyond, complete with a basket for mail storage and six hooks to help keep track of every family member’s car and house keys.


2. Chic Detector
Give the decorator who wishes she could hide her smoke detector a Chick-a-Dee. Shaped like a bird, this design has a symbolic meaning, as birds use their calls to warn one another of danger, and comes in white, black, blue, pink and green.

3. The Perfect Couple
When your friends or family finally close on a new house, bring them over a bottle of bubbly or wine to celebrate. They’ll especially appreciate the gift if it’s coupled with this automatic wine opener, which not only removes all types of corks, but also cuts through the foil, all in one smooth step. Because who has time to struggle with corks?

4. Open Sesame
If you have a friend who likes to completely customize his living space, beat him to the punch with a set of unique door or cabinet knobs. We think Anthropologie has a selection that offers something for every style.

5. Stay in the Zone
Perfect for the friend who’s just moved across the country—or further!—or simply wants to keep track of what time it is for their friends, family or co-workers in other parts of the world.
  • Karlsson Timezone Magnet Aluminum Wall Clock: from $63.78, Casa.com

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Rachel Ezra said...

I like the keeper of the keys. When a new listing comes up, it's great to have easy access to keys. That is my business opinion. : ) From a Christmas giving perspective: the key gift is a great one!!!

Albuquerque Homes said...

Great ideas. One thing I like to do is when i am on travel and I find a good deal on something unique I will buy several items and give them later as gifts. For one it saves you money and you will always have a stock of cool gifts to give to someone you appreciate.