Monday, February 13, 2012

“That’s what we’re looking for!”

Isn’t this the reaction you are hoping potential buyers will have when they see your listing? As you get ready for market, here’s how to prep for a positive reaction. This week’s blogs are chock-full of ways to translate what buyers love into strategies for selling your home this spring. And you can read more at
Here are the top five reasons why renters want to buy, according to a recent survey conducted by trade publisher Hanley Wood:
  • 66% - would rather build equity than pay rent 
  • 50% - homeowner is a better long term investment 
  • 35% - want to own where they live 
  • 34% - acquire an asset they can leave to their children 
  • 32% - want the tax deduction 
Clearly, buyers who are currently renting are more interested in the long-term financial benefits of owning rather than the immediate tax gains. In fact, the same survey found that only 23% of buyers who are currently renting considered the future erosion of home values as a barrier to buying.
Selling tip:
Emphasize the long-term benefits of your house – recent improvements that will minimize expenses for the forseeable future, for example, or the stable home values in your neighborhood.

Image courtesy of Morguefile contributor Taliesin.

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