Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Simple Steps to a Clean Home

We've received some questions asking for inexpensive home cleaning solutions, and want to share some of our tips for putting your home's best foot forward.

Most grout stains are surface stains. Try sandpaper or a Magic Eraser-type sponge to remove them. (Even a pencil eraser works well.)

If you still have stains, try a grout cleaner or a mix of bleach and water. Make sure you're in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves to protect your skin.

Vinegar is a great cleaning agent for baths. Using a spray bottle, spray vinegar all over the tub. Leave for 15 minutes, then wipe down the tub and rinse.

For stubborn stains, try a mix of lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar. Work the paste over the stains with a sponge and rinse.

Mix 1 cup baking soda with 1/2 cup Borax. Sprinkle in the sink and scrub with a sponge. The mixture is a natural and mild abrasive that will lift any stains.

Wood Cabinets
To clean and rejuvenate wood cabinets, try a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Use a sponge to remove grease and buildup. (Avoid using steel wool or scrub brushes since they can damage the cabinets' finish.) A paste of water and baking soda can be applied to remove any stubborn stains.

To restore shine, try a mix of 1/4 cup olive oil and 1 cup vinegar. Using a spray bottle, spray your cabinets with the solution and buff with a soft cloth.

What are your favorite cleaning tips?

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Jillian Cariola said...

I love organic solutions to home cleaning problems. It lets you know that you don't have to go very far for your stain removal problems, and it also promotes green living.

Jonathan Squire said...

You just can't go past white vinegar on stainless steel - it cleans and shines beautifully, and will help to leave a great impression on prospective buyers.

Richard Grenner said...

My personal preference would be to get someone to do it..

Steve said...

This is great information to give to home sellers. It just isn't something most people do very often so thanks for putting it out there.
Keep up the great work and hope you don't mind if we share some of your articles on our facebook page.

New York Flooded Basement Cleanup said...

Just another interesting blog post!! These tips are simple but yet very effective tips. Thanks for all of your help!

jamesgrover88 said...

I use toothpaste to keep brass and metal fixtures sparkling clean. Toothpaste is really cheap compared with other metal polishers.

Seymour Tinsley
Real Estate Investor

Brandon McBride said...

I'll stand by the Magic Eraser - we use it at work to get rid of things worse than grout. Just be aware of the surface you're using it on.

Ellie @ said...

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Rebecca Maurier said...

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Melanie @ Houston Apartment Insiders said...

My bathroom must-haves for cleaning are baking soda and vinegar. They're cheap, readily available and they do the work.

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Sally Campbell said...

Do you have any tips on how to easily clean carpets? I usually bring mine over to carpet cleaning in perth wa. Aside from that, I don't know how I could get around to cleaning them without triggering my allergies.

Idella Garza said...

Perth house cleaner products are really effective in cleaning grout. I like lemon scented cleaners because cleaning is not enough to make an area look and smell better than before. I tried using vinegar to my bathtub and I can say that it is really a cheap alternative when I forgot to buy my cleaning products.