Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Buyers Love to Walk This Way

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Walkable communities are a huge draw, but it’s almost as good to live in a location that minimizes the amount of time it takes to accomplish daily errands. According to a survey for CEO’s for Cities, buyers will pay more for houses within easy walking distance of neighborhood business districts and public transit. Easy driving access to daily amenities, schools, and work had a similar effect.

Create a map for your sales package that shows walking, public transit and easy driving routes from your house to schools, coffee houses, movie theaters, parks, grocery stores and dry cleaners. This encourages buyers to see for themselves that everyday living is easy in your house.

Check the WalkScore of your house, and include that description in your listing.

Image courtesy of Morguefile contributor Taliesin.


Johan said...

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Short Sale In NJ said...

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